^^ Hi to everyone

Okay you guys, do you remember that i was sick? well now i'm fine, my heart works okay and now im gonna take a minutes to write the next caps of my fiction... (in spanish cuz almost all the people that reads my blog speak spanish... sorry, later i'll try to traduce it ^^) and also work on the design... i miss my camera T_T... i know...!! i want a camera for christmas... ^^

Okay... Hope to put a pics, a few, try to comment ^^ please give me a camera T_T i miss you cannon!! T_T..

Okay... Talk to you later

Have a Great day

by the way Comment!!

well see ya...

okay... hang up..
no hang up you..
hang up
okay.., together...
one, two, three.

are you there?
okay hang up...
no you first...
okay... ill doit..
beep beep beep

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